Will the anodize fade? 
Generally it wont, but I have to tell my customers that if they are banged together really hard when they are shuffled, they will start wearing around the edges.

Why do they take so long?
The only time I can machine and engrave these custom pieces are usually on the weekend when I can use a machine. This isn't my full time job. 

Do they come in a box?
Yes, I have a white retail type box that I ship them in. My dominoes are basically a little bigger than normal, but there are wooden boxes out there that'll fit my dominoes. I also have a black "archival type" box available for both deluxe and tournament size. 

What is the difference between Tournament and Deluxe?
Tournaments are really nice big dominoes that are an 1/8th of an inch longer and wider. They are both the same thickness. 

Can I have a logo engraved? 
Most often yes, but there are some logos that have a lot of detail that I can't do because it'll look to busy for the eye. 

What type of fonts do you have?
I can usually do any Word font out there. I usually tell my customers to go to www.1001fonts.com or for a nice single line connected font (same price), go to www.singlelinefonts.com 

How many letters can I engrave?
I usually say, the more letters you want engraved, the smaller it'll be. Anything over 5 letters is typically $80 more. It's higher if the font is from the font websites above. Also, keep in mind that there is only so much space on the back of the domino that can be engraved on, so long last names will have to downsized, which in turn will make it hard to read.